Band of the Hour Association

  Drumming Up Support For The Band of the Hour


Our organization strives to raise funds for the Band of the Hour. The B.O.T.H.A. has a yearly operating cost which is estimated to be roughly $4,500. Membership funding helps support awards for the marching band, Homecoming Alumni Band logistics, Family Barbecue expenses, and the basic operating costs of supporting mail and web hosting for the organization. We offset our direct expenses by offering memberships to the Band of the Hour Association. Currently there are four categories of membership: Young Alumni $15; Alumnus $30; Family $50; and 

Section Leader $100. 


You may also donate directly to the BOTHA organization above and beyond our membership structure as describe below:

 Membership Tiers

Membership Levels

Young Alumni Membership
$15.00: This is entry level membership for recent grads of 5 years or less.
Alumnus Package
 $30.00: This is our basic membership. 
Family Membership
 $50.00:  Two "Alumnus" memberships at a price of $50 for Band couples.
Section Leader Membership
  $100.00: This is our fourth tier. A $30 basic membership with $70 donation¬• 

One Year Membership Online Purchasing

A membership will allow you to purchase a one calendar year membership at the levels described above.


Young Alumni Membership >>>

"Alumnus" Package >>>

"Family" Membership >>>

"Section Leader" Membership >>>

¬• Donations included in Section Leader Membership level will be guided to the best needs of the Band of the Hour as defined by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Director of the Band of the Hour.

One Time Donation

Make a one time donation to the Band of the Hour Association to support a specific cause.